You need to know what causes acne in order to effectively prevent and treat the outbreaks of acne. There are only a few rare individuals who don’t suffer from the acne at least one. But once you are aware of the reasons behind acne outbreak, you can then take steps to prevent its further outbreaks.

Your skin has many pores, a lot of which have got hairs in them. And, just below the skin are the sebaceous glands that produce sebum or skin oil, which helps keep your skin supple. The oils are able to move upwards if the pores of the skin surface are open and they can lubricate you skin in this way.

What is Acne?

The explanation is simple: it is a bacterial infection in a clogged pore. It usually shows itself as a blackhead or a whitehead. Sometimes the disease affects the contiguous skin causing it to become red and irritated and.

The infection actually begins several days before it becomes visible. But now here is easy solution use acnezine for acne treatment and get rid from acne in just weeks.  When you see a pimple or zit, the bacterium is actually increased to a great level to cause the skin irritation and inflammation to grow large enough and become visible.

What Are The Reasons Behind Acne?

Now you may be wondering, what are the reasons behind this bacterial infection in blocked pore?

Acne occurs mostly in adolescents. The reason is that hormones, like testosterone, begin to release in a large amount. Testosterone is available in both young men and women. This process causes many organs of our body to adapt to this new stimulus. And the sebaceous glands which are there right under our skin are actually our point of interest. revitol cellulite cream, These glands of sebaceous fabricate a substance named as sebum or skin oil. It penetrates the pores of the skin and moves to the surface where it lubricates the skin, keeping it supple. But for a while these glands do not deal well with the testosterone, and start to become enlarged and do sebum overproduction.

More hormones are released when we are stressed. Almost everyone agrees that adolescence is a period of stress. Thus, these hormones along with the over production of sebum, make the situation even worse for adolescents.

But there is finally some good news. Usually in your early twenties, you stop having these epidemics. This is because the sebaceous glands are adapted to the new pulse of testosterone. Sebum production gets back to normal and this disease suddenly stops.

But before that happens, these glands still produce excess sebum. Sebum rises to the surface of the skin. Here, it meets the dead skin cells. Your skin is always renewing itself. Old, dead skin cells rub your skin and fall. Nevertheless, excess sebum mixes up with the dead skin cells and creates small balls that can be called blocked pores.

The Problem

The ball of dead cells and sebum contain bacteria from the surface. It blocks out of a pore. As more sebum is produced, it starts to save, because the output of the surface of the pore is blocked.

Bacteria love the warm and oily and begin to multiply. Soon, they are ready to affect the surrounding skin and cause irritation.

If there is an opening on the surface, the glob can oxidize and become dark, resulting in a blackhead. If the output of the pore is fully blocked air can get in to the glob and it is colored or Whitehead in simple words we call it a zit or pimple.

Now that you know what causes acne, you are ready to do something. Also read revitol hair removal cream review which is  easy & painless hair removal solution.