These are stuffing free dog toy. You know! When Rex gets rowdy, the fur starts flying; your house is definitely going to be a wreck. Here is the real purpose of Crazy Citters. These are durable and plush toy which are especially made for dogs. As Crazy Citters are the stuffed toy; the best of which is that these lie flat. The dogs are happy to play as they are perfect thing to pick up for they lie on a flat pattern.

How Crazy Citters are Different from other toys?

In the market, there are many stores having bundles of plush toys which claim to be indestructible. But the real picture is not as per claim. You might have experienced after purchasing such a toy for your pet friend but they must have destroyed it short after the time they get it. They might like it yet they are easy to be destroyed. Crazy Citters are not like this. These are very playful and 24 inches long with fitted in the head and the tail. You might be thinking it a useless feature. Let me tell you! These squeakers help to produce sound which is likely listened by your pet. It doesn’t matter which end is played by the dog, it will give the pleasing sound and your pet will enjoy it.

These Crazy Citters are made for all types of dogs. These are made for the roughest, toughest and the harsh ones. These provide the safe hours of playing and dogs love to have these lovely toys. Crazy Citters surely provide the perfect healthy fun. Each type of dog, big, tall, and short and the healthy; all enjoy and love to play with.

Why only Crazy Citters?

Regular plush are not suitable for the dogs. You might have experienced it given to dog, and the next moment you find the strewn around your house and the worst of it, your dog might eat it which results in the sickness.

Special Features of Crazy Citters:

Crazy Citters are the perfect choice as no stuffing can let it to lie flat. These are not destructive no matter in what way to be dealt. Your dogs love to play with this fun providing toys. The squeakers fitted at each end give the funny and lovable sound which engages your furry friends from hours to hours. Your dogs enjoy the shaking, super chasing and even chewing from inner and outer side and make it an exploring object.

These toys are washable. So, your dog can enjoy easy playing from any side. Moreover, these are perfect for all sizes of dogs.

Don’t Get Delayed! Buy Crazy Citters Now!

Usually the Citter costs $19.99. But the special offer is there waiting for you. If you order it today without any delay, you can get it at $10.00 including Friendly Fox and Rugged Raccoon yet shipping and handling is not included in it. So, to save money and have fun for your dog, order it now and be benefited.