The idea I have is that you should be able to make a lot of money by making something which seems cool to the people in the world who are overly obsessesed with their smart phones. For example you can buy this thing which is called a Selfie Stick and it is literally a stick which is supposed to help you take a selfie better than you could without the thing. In my opinion you would look pretty ridiculous if you took this thing out and used it, but I do not think that would keep people from buying it. In fact some people would buy it because it would make people stare at them and they would not care about the stuff that they were thinking while they stared at them.How to Invent a Gadget At any rate I am guessing some person came up with this idea and made a good bit of money off it. I doubt that they got rich off the thing, but that is a relative term.

When you think about all of the people in the world who have any money have a smart phone and a lot of them are really obsessed with the things. It is a tool obviously, you can connect to the entire world by it if you have access to the internet. A lot of people must view them as status symbols, which is why you see some people waiting in line for the latest iphone, even though they already have a perfectly fine iphone. I am sure you could make money by inventing some way for Apple Fan Boys to identify themselves in a way that they believed was cool or some way to make their iphone seem cooler than it would be without some sort of bling, like a platinum case.