I eventually ended up at ADT after going through a couple of local home security companies. The service at these companies started off well, but quickly degenerated into mediocre service. I think it’s pretty obvious that you can’t accept anything but the best service possible when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones. It won’t do to not get prompt call backs when you dial them up with a problem. I suspected their monitoring wasn’t consistent as well. Considering how much I was paying these companies, that was just absolutely and totally unacceptable. None of us felt safe with them.

That is why I eventually went with ADT. They are a nationally known company with a long track record of exemplary service. Their prices, I soon discovered, were far less than I paid with other companies. Most importantly, you got a lot more services for your buck and they follow through with you when you have a problem or when you call to ask questions about the security system. We’ve never received anything less than very prompt solutions to any problems we’ve encountered with our home security system. Have a lost password? They fix the problem in minutes.

The reason that it is so important for us to have a security company that cares about their service is that we live in a city that is currently seeing a big spike in crime. The city elected a liberal mayor last year and he’s really been putting the screws to the police. You can tell because the crime rate started going up almost immediately. Since we can’t get a gun in this city to protect ourselves, the home security system is the next best thing. I’m telling all our neighbors to sign on with ADT because it’s literally a difference between being safe or being a victim.