I have been looking for apartments for rent in Houston and I am going to try to find something reasonably close to where I am working. The commute is not very good, but it is a lot better for me since the price of gas is down close to 2 dollars a gallon right now. I am driving about half an hour when it all goes well now. If things go badly you are looking at a really bad trip. One morning about a week ago this truck turned over in the median and there was a huge mess. Of course the truck was not in anyone’s way, but it must have had about two thousand chickens on it and they were every place after this wreck. There were actually some guys out on the road chasing these chickens and I am guessing that they were not going to make pets out of them. Of course chickens are delicious, but I do not know many people who know how to slaughter one like everyone’s grandparents must have known fifty or sixty years ago.

My job is really quite easy. For the most part I stand around with a clipboard and once in awhile I write stuff down. I have this gadget that I use to keep track of stuff that comes and goes in the warehouse. The idea is to make sure that everything is where it is supposed to be and it gets used by the people who are supposed to use it. They have all these radio frequency things that are supposed to snitch on you if you take something and it is not supposed to go out the door at the same time as as you. Of course the system never works exactly like it is supposed to.