When a boy got shot two streets over from where I was living with my three children, I knew that it was time to make a move. The city had gotten too dangerous, and I wanted my kids to be raised in an area where they were not afraid to even step foot outside their home. That meant moving to a more rural area, but I was all for that. I had grown up in the country, so I knew that it would do the kids good. I did check to make sure we could get high-speed rural Internet before I signed the rental agreement on the farmhouse I wanted to raise my family in.

I knew that the kids would end up playing outside a lot, but I also wanted them to be able to continue doing the things they enjoyed at our old house. I don’t mind that they play video games and watch music videos, because I know that they are doing it in moderation. I also know that they are not doing anything objectionable, because they really are good kids. I just wanted them to be able to have the best of both worlds, which meant having access to the Internet too.

I admit that I was a bit worried about the kind of speed we would get with a rural connection. I don’t know a lot about the different kinds of connections, but I had a feeling that we would not be able to order cable or DSL. It took just one phone call to find out that I was right. That didn’t mean we were not able to get a good Internet connection though. I was able to get satellite Internet for the kids, and it has been very good since the dish was installed. The kids have no problem watching their videos or playing their games, and they actually spend less time doing both now that they aren’t afraid to go outside!