Today I will gonna exposed my experience with potty patch , must read before you buy. During most of my life I have always had a cat, because I stay at job I had away from home for 12 hours at a time have. I knew I would never have a dog, because to be honest, I could never get home in time for them to go to the toilet. I knew it would be unfair to the dog and very uncomfortable for me. When I read a short summary, I can not believe that a market like this product.

Potty Patch features and specifications

• Patch small size: 28.2 x 17.8 x 2.8 cm
• Weight is 6 pounds
• consists of three levels
• has the look and feel of real grass
• drip tray holds up to one liter of juice

The collection tray holds up to one liter of juice

What is Potty What is Potty

If you find a small patch, you will see that this is what it appears to the little green for your dog to use them in the pan. For the dog that looks like the ideal place to do business, but for you, a hidden drawers that is simple, if your house will be thrown. Can then, if they go “# 1″ or “2″, do you easily.

“Love My Pom is 6 pounds. I’m not worried about any chance.”
Billie, WI

My Dog Used it?

For the potty patch comes in different sizes, it is suitable for all dogs. My dog needs to run once with the same words they use to train them to go outside. In fact I am leaving use it and turn it off when she felt her scent in the beginning, they knew that their personal potty.

“I’m very happy with the pot patch. I personally purchased & also I would like to suggest all those who want to feels their pet happy

Fabulous, NV

How Does it work?

Of course, nobody wants to come home to the smell of dog urine or droppings in their house and that is why it is so unique patch negligible. Read spots small that it is made three levels of grass, fireplace and a collector. It is washed out, and antimicrobial active substances in order to keep the strong wind. If you have the need, you can also buy replacement drug.

“6 months, and very strong! Money is worth.”
Josh, MN

By buying this product online, I had the best price – much lower than in stores I have this product is very helpful and now my dog is not so worried about me out of the house. She uses it regularly, and it is easy to clean and maintain. Well, if I did not come home from work on time, I am known it will be good for them.

Really Work As Advertised?

You can decide what is best for your pet when you patch these comments negligible. Is there a better way to find out if this is the right product for you and your pet as different observations of people who have purchased this product and it to the limit with their animals in order to really know?

Many products on the market today are negligible request to end, requirements and problems in the maintenance of your home and your pet is connected. Patch crackers do not miss the train and offer itself in a way that you will stop and notice.