My friends think I am making a lot of money. They get this idea when they visit me at the luxury Salt Lake City apartments where I live. The first thing they notice is the ornate fireplace and big rooms. They think I am making a lot because they assume this place is costing me a fortune. The nice thing is that my friends would never ask me how much I am paying in rent. It would be considered rude. However, I do not dispel their assumptions by telling them how much my rent costs. I figure I might as well at least look rich for a while. Anyway, they could always call the management office and inquire about rental rates.

I really like it here. I get a lot for each one of my rental dollars spent. I like the apartment building, my neighbors and all of the nice things in place for residents. The grounds are kept neat and clean. They also have a tennis court and a very nice swimming pool. Visiting friends and I have spent a lot of time in the pool. I swim just about every day when the weather is nice. I will go out and swim before dawn to loosen up my muscles before a jog or weight lifting session.

This is really a nice place. I kind of want to keep it a secret from the rest of the apartment hunting world. The neighborhood and everything is perfect for me. Shopping and my work are close by. I usually ride a bicycle to my job even though I do own a car. I never thought I would do good in an apartment. I grew up in a house and had an aversion to apartment living. I could not stand a dorm in college and actually rented a small house. These luxury Salt Lake City apartments are actually bigger, when you consider square footage, than many rental houses.