Hey! I am here waiting for you because I know that you must have arrived here after a lot of seeing on television commercials about Emery Cat Board and reading internet reviews which have not been satisfying enough to buy you Emery Cat Board. It was almost the same with me.

I had two cats that are like kids to me. They are as dear to me as one can be. Their pain is taken to my heart. The real problem comes when I cut their nails. They get away as soon as the clipper comes out. I cannot afford them to scratch my furniture all the time neither I can take them to vet after every few weeks. The result is the serious cuts they receive in trying to pull them out. I felt so bad after that and kept on feeling sorrow.

It was the same like other days when I watched Emery Cat Board commercial and decided to have a look at reviews. Ohhhh!!! What a trouble I opened! There was lot, some talking about the bad things, some claiming it to be the best yet nothing could give me satisfactory detail.

It was then that I decided to give it a try by myself with 30 days money back guarantee. I ordered it on their website. It was quite easy way through which one can make an order. Few days later I got my Emery Cat Board which was very nice looking. I immediately placed the board in my dining room and got my cats over there.

To my astonishment, cats were very comfortable as there was a cat nip quite tempting for my pets. I thought they must get bored very soon as the board scratching might not be much enjoying for them.

I was worried in my hearts of hearts that it will be impossible for me to bring them on the board every day yet it was also on scene that the next day I found them on Emery Cat Board as it became their favorite place and I got my furniture saved from their scratching.

How Emery Cat Board Filed Down Cats’ Nails?

Now the real test was if the Emery Cat Board would file down the nails of my cat on its own. For confirming the result of the test, I took the picture of their nails and again took another 3 weeks later and found unbelievably nice trimming and filing down. There was a clear difference. So, I decided never to inflict my poor trimming skills upon them.

Emery Cat Board is also beneficial as it is quite cheaper than the other boards that I had have been using in past. Moreover, it is filing down their nails past a month.

Emery Cat Review Conclusion:

Let me confess that the de-shredder I got along the Emery Cat Board wasn’t as much helpful and was flimsy made. Yet I was more interested in getting my cats’ board performance and urge you to get it if you are suffering with the same problem as I did. You can consider the following features you will get:

• Honey comb surface that is the most likely thing for cats
• Automatic filing down of nails as cat nip is present
• Quite economic than others

I hope you must have enjoyed the review and will get better insight in how Emery Cat Board works. Wish your cats all the best!