My brother is a handyman, and I often help him with some of his bigger projects. We were given the task of cleaning out a house along with some outbuildings on a farm. The owners wanted nothing except empty buildings so they could sell the land and buildings quickly. We were able to get a cheap dumpster, thinking we would put everything in there. However, we hit the jackpot when we came across one of the buildings. I knew that the price of copper per pound was good, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

We decided that we would get all of the copper and other metals together first, then I would go online and find out which scrap metal dealers had the best prices. I thought that I was going to have to go to each one’s website, and I knew that would be time consuming since there are several in our area. If it was just copper, it would have been fine, but there were other types of metal in the building including aluminum, lead and iron. We wanted to make sure that we got the best prices for all the different metals we had found.

Since copper is the one that would get the best price, we decided to focus on that one first. I went online after we had collected and separated all of the metals, and I discovered that it was a lot easier to find out where the best prices were. Instead of going to each one’s website, which would have required some research to see which ones were in the immediate region, I was able to go to one website that did all of the work for me. I was able to see all of the different dealers in the area along with their prices, and the one closest to us had the best for every single metal we had. I wish all of our jobs were that lucrative!