When my sister’s house was broken into a few months ago, it really opened up our eyes to just how rampant crime has become. Sure, we have heard the news stories, but we still thought we were far removed from it. My sister just lives a few miles from me, and it is a very quiet area. Thankfully, no one was home so no one got hurt, and nothing of great value was stolen. It made us realize that we needed to be better prepared though, and that is why I looked into ADT home security for not only my sister and myself, but for our parents too.

I had actually looked at several different companies that offer home security systems and monitoring, but I was most impressed with ADT for a number of reasons. The main one is because of their reputation. A few of my friends have them and they have never had any problems with them. The second is because of the price. While I did want to make sure we were all protected, I knew that we would not be able to pay a large amount for both the equipment as well as the monthly monitoring fee.

I was able to find out the prices online, and then I called to talk to a customer service rep about a few things that I was not sure about. The rep was able to answer all of my questions, and she even recommended a couple of things that I did not think about. I talked to my sister as well as our folks about what I had found out, and we all became customers that same day. The tech was able to have all three of our households connected within days, and we all sleep a lot better now knowing that we are better protected.