Celebrating with a Big Dinner

April 5, 2019 life

Since my sister was gradating from college, I wanted to take her out for a meal. I found the best Italian restaurant in San Diego and made a reservation for us. My sister had been working hard for 4 years to get her degree, and all of those long days and nights have finally paid off. She’s going to be entering the real world soon, but for now, I just want her to enjoy the fruits of her labors. She’ll have plenty of time to join the job hunt and start her career as a working woman.

As we got to the restaurant and looked at the menu, my sister saw something that was right up her alley. My sister had a bit of a craving for seafood, and there just happened to be a seafood pasta on the menu, so my sister ordered that. As for me, I took a bit of time to glance over the menu and find something that was new to me, but would also be good. (more…)

The Best Home Security Around

June 15, 2018 life

I eventually ended up at ADT after going through a couple of local home security companies. The service at these companies started off well, but quickly degenerated into mediocre service. I think it’s pretty obvious that you can’t accept anything but the best service possible when it comes to protecting your home and your loved ones. It won’t do to not get prompt call backs when you dial them up with a problem. I suspected their monitoring wasn’t consistent as well. Considering how much I was paying these companies, that was just absolutely and totally unacceptable. None of us felt safe with them.

That is why I eventually went with ADT. They are a nationally known company with a long track record of exemplary service. Their prices, I soon discovered, were far less than I paid with other companies. (more…)

Getting the Best Price for Metals

April 21, 2017 life

My brother is a handyman, and I often help him with some of his bigger projects. We were given the task of cleaning out a house along with some outbuildings on a farm. The owners wanted nothing except empty buildings so they could sell the land and buildings quickly. We were able to get a cheap dumpster, thinking we would put everything in there. However, we hit the jackpot when we came across one of the buildings. I knew that the price of copper per pound was good, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.

We decided that we would get all of the copper and other metals together first, then I would go online and find out which scrap metal dealers had the best prices. I thought that I was going to have to go to each one’s website, and I knew that would be time consuming since there are several in our area. If it was just copper, it would have been fine, but there were other types of metal in the building including aluminum, lead and iron. We wanted to make sure that we got the best prices for all the different metals we had found. (more…)

Rural Internet Connections Can Be Good

October 28, 2015 Internet, life

When a boy got shot two streets over from where I was living with my three children, I knew that it was time to make a move. The city had gotten too dangerous, and I wanted my kids to be raised in an area where they were not afraid to even step foot outside their home. That meant moving to a more rural area, but I was all for that. I had grown up in the country, so I knew that it would do the kids good. I did check to make sure we could get high-speed rural Internet before I signed the rental agreement on the farmhouse I wanted to raise my family in.

I knew that the kids would end up playing outside a lot, but I also wanted them to be able to continue doing the things they enjoyed at our old house. I don’t mind that they play video games and watch music videos, because I know that they are doing it in moderation. I also know that they are not doing anything objectionable, because they really are good kids. (more…)

Crime is Getting Too Close to Us

May 5, 2015 Home, life

When my sister’s house was broken into a few months ago, it really opened up our eyes to just how rampant crime has become. Sure, we have heard the news stories, but we still thought we were far removed from it. My sister just lives a few miles from me, and it is a very quiet area. Thankfully, no one was home so no one got hurt, and nothing of great value was stolen. It made us realize that we needed to be better prepared though, and that is why I looked into ADT home security for not only my sister and myself, but for our parents too.

I had actually looked at several different companies that offer home security systems and monitoring, but I was most impressed with ADT for a number of reasons. The main one is because of their reputation. A few of my friends have them and they have never had any problems with them. (more…)

Apartments Located in Jacksonville, Florida

January 22, 2015 Home, life

I want to move to Florida, because I need to live somewhere where it is hot, or at least, fairly warm, all year long. I am getting older and these old bones do not handle the winter very well. One issue is that I got a hip replacement recently, and now whenever it is cold, the hip aches terribly. I am going to check out Jacksonville FL apartments to see what I can find. I don’t really care too much where it is located in the city, but since I have a bad hip and all, I would like either find an apartment that is located on the first floor of an apartment building, or located in a building that has an elevator. (more…)

Thinking About How to Invent a Gadget

January 20, 2015 life

The idea I have is that you should be able to make a lot of money by making something which seems cool to the people in the world who are overly obsessesed with their smart phones. For example you can buy this thing which is called a Selfie Stick and it is literally a stick which is supposed to help you take a selfie better than you could without the thing. In my opinion you would look pretty ridiculous if you took this thing out and used it, but I do not think that would keep people from buying it. In fact some people would buy it because it would make people stare at them and they would not care about the stuff that they were thinking while they stared at them.How to Invent a Gadget (more…)

Started Working at a Place on the Ship Channel

January 19, 2015 life

I have been looking for apartments for rent in Houston and I am going to try to find something reasonably close to where I am working. The commute is not very good, but it is a lot better for me since the price of gas is down close to 2 dollars a gallon right now. I am driving about half an hour when it all goes well now. If things go badly you are looking at a really bad trip. One morning about a week ago this truck turned over in the median and there was a huge mess. Of course the truck was not in anyone’s way, but it must have had about two thousand chickens on it and they were every place after this wreck. (more…)

We Needed Better Television Options

December 19, 2014 life

When my husband and I first got married, we decided we would have three children. It didn’t quite turn out that way though. We had two boys in the first few years of our marriage, then we had triplets. Having five kids so close in age is both rewarding and challenging. As they have gotten older, it is amazing to watch their personalities develop. They are so alike in some ways and completely different in others. That is one of the reasons why we decided to get DirecTv. They used to enjoy watching the same shows when they were younger, but each one has their own favorites now.

When you mix that with my husband and myself, we really did need a television programming provider that offered us the most choices. (more…)