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November 20, 2018 Home

While cooking, you have to stay engaged with one dish; you can not perform any other task specially if you are preparing soups, gravy or any other attention seeking dish. But here is a unique solution to cater the above said issues. Let’s see how!

Benefits Of Robo Stir

• It’s third hand in kitchen
• Provides assistance in preparation of any kind of food
• It’s automatic kitchen tool
• It covers all the corners of your cooking container
• Prevents food burning
• It can handle the heat up to 572o C
• It can continuously rotate up to four hours
• Able to adjust with the size of your pan
• Buy 1 & Get 1 Robo Stir Free just at $10.99
• Money Back Guarantee

What is Robo Stir?

It rotates inside the container in which you are cooking something, it stirs food for you. You do not need to hang up with your cooking stuff. You can perform another task and robo stir assists you. It can be used for a number of variety food preparations like home made chicken noodles, stew, all kinds of soups, mashed potatoes, marinara and it also has ability to shake cheese sauce.

Robo Stir is Your Stirring Assistant!

For gravy, soups, sauces, noodles or any food that needs your attention you can use your intelligent stirring assistant. It rotates all over your pan and leaves no spaces where it has not reached.

Robo Stir is Made up of:

• High Quality Plastic Material (100% water proof)
• Powerful and safe metal feet

User Reviews for Robo Stir:

“I am a working lady; I had to stick up with the cooking which needs attention. I was very irritated when food used to burn many times because lake of attention, but now along with robo stir, I can perform many tasks at a times that saves my time.”
Nehan- USA

“Robo Stir is really a best companion during my kitchen time. It has really created ease in my cooking. Food is cooked almost automatically even if you are attentive some where else. I am very happy with Robo Stir. It is really fabulous. It gives complete value that it claims.”
Marina Vasuta- Canada

How Does Robo Stir work?

It rotates all around your pan and it reaches to the bottom. It does not leave even a single centimeter space where it does not reach. It is controlled by a button placed on its top. You just have to push the button and put it in to your pan and that’s it. It will start stirring efficiently. It can be used on every kind of kitchen utensils, like, stain less, non stick, iron, and steel and even on ceramic because it is suitable for all those kinds (tested upon all with safe results).

Where to Buy Robo Stir?

You should be buy online from its Official Website. In this way you will get original Robo Stir with 1 free robo stir as well.

Slice-O-Matic: the ultimate vegetable slicer!

Are you tired by cutting and slicing vegetable for preparation the food? Are you really fond of preparing different kinds of good looking salads and garnishing? Then you really need Slice-O-Matic which is the ultimate slicing tool necessary for your kitchen. Let’s learn more about Slice-O-Matic:

Benefits Of Slice-O-Matic:

• Gives vegetables and fruit equal shape & size
• Gives proper and handsome garnishing to your prepared foods
• Gives a large number of variety of salads in eye blink
• Its simple & fast
• Its really Economical
• Its Easy to use & handling
• Ultimate need of your kitchen
• Saves time & give you delicious foods
• Gives your cooking a new turn
• Buy 1 & get 1 free only at $19.99 ( limited time offer )

What Is Slice-O-Matic?

Slice-O-Matic is a amazing vegetable and fruit slicer. It is best among all tools that are used for slicing solid fruit and vegetable. If you are crazy for preparing food then it is most core need of your kitchen. It has many exceptional features that make it unique among all slicing tools so most of chefs and household ladies prefer Slice-O-Matic on a large variety of slicing tools available in the market. This slicing tool is not like other ordinary slicers; it transforms the methods and the out comes of you food cooking in radical and revolutionary way. It is a third generation vegetable and fruit slicing tool. Your kitchen would love it & you too.

Slicing & Cutting was Never So Much Facilitated!

Chopping with knives is the older concept now; no fear cuts on hands during vegetable cutting even new cooking learners (little girls) can use it as it is so safe to use with out tension of hurting or wounding during chopping. And you get all uniform shapes that you desire to give to your required vegetables and fruit.

Slice-O-Matic is Made Up of:

• High quality plastic
• Very sharp and steel made blades
• Spring operating system to facilitate fast slicing

Testimonials for Slice-O-Matic:

“I got Slice-O-Matic about a week ago, and could you believe that my kitchen life is not less than to be in the heaven, I save so much time that I used to spend hours in preparing food that is chopping and cutting. That time I spend in some where else productive, it is really very helpful during kitchen work. It is the best companion!”
Sara Jeff- United States

“Slice-O-Matic is a blessing for me, I am weak in cutting but it has solved my problems and now I am in peace. It is really fabulous. I just love it”
Dorethi Simons- Canada

How Does Slice-O-Matic work?

The usage of Slice-O-Matic is very easy to manage. Put the vegetable or what ever you want to slice inside the container and start the slicing procedure through moving the handle, and it would start revealing sliced out put. You can change the shapes, designs and thickness.

Where to Buy slice-o-matic?

You should get it by ordering it through its Official Website & GET 1 free slice-o-matic set.

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