Crib MattressEvery parent knows that their baby needs to get a substantial amount of rest each day in order to grow big, strong and healthy. Achieving that goal on a regular basis is nearly impossible if that sweet little baby does not have a comfortable crib memory foam mattress that is waiting for them when they are tucked in each day to rest. If you thought that you needed a good mattress in order to get a good night’s sleep, then you can only imagine what a small baby would need! Fortunately, there are several points that you can consider in order to make sure that you are choosing the best mattress for your child.

Focus on Safety First

When shopping for the best crib memory foam mattress, the primary concern that should be featured towards the top of your list is that of safety. Will the mattress be safe for your child? Keep in mind that not all manufacturers will have your child’s best interests at heart when they are trying to sell you a mattress. You need to focus on the extensive testing that has been conducted on the actual mattress before it was purchased and make sure that it complies with the standard requirements.

Find One that is Easy to Clean

Along with making sure that your mattress is safe, you need to make sure that it is also very easy to keep clean as well. One of the easiest types of mattresses to clean on a regular basis is a waterproof crib foam mattress. Make sure that the mattress, regardless if it is waterproof or not, comes with a protective cover. Keep in mind that if your mattress is made out of vinyl, it is waterproof but there are quite a few vinyl mattresses on the market today that have been treated with antibacterial products that can prevent bacterial growth.

A Trustworthy Brand

In addition to finding a safe and clean crib foam mattress, if you truly do want to make sure that you have the very best mattress you need to make sure that you are shopping with the very best brands. Focus on the brands that have been able to build a successful reputation within this particular industry over the years, satisfying the needs of thousands or even millions of other customers over the years. That type of consistency and reliability is what you can depend on and in which you can trust the life and safety of your baby.

Tales From The Crib Mattress

Maybe you’ve just welcomed a brand new bouncing baby boy or girl into the world. Or maybe the baby’s on the way, and you want to plan ahead and get their room just right. Or maybe you’re just thinking about embarking on that most exciting of journeys and are just browsing for the moment while you mull over the possibility. Whatever the reason, when it comes to baby crib foam mattresses, there are several varieties available.

Memory Foam

baby foam mattressWhen it comes to price, at least, foam mattresses can’t be beat. Foam mattresses tend to be some of the thinnest, with an overall thickness in most models measuring somewhere between 3 to 6in. However, it’s important to note that thickness is not the same as density, and the latter can contribute just as much as the former to how comfortable a mattress feels. Foam mattresses can boast some of the thickest densities on the market, up to 1.5lbs per scf (Standard Cubic Foot.) The weight of these models can range anywhere from a very lightweight 7lbs to a more standard 20lbs, according to FoamGlobes some models come equipped with the much-mentioned “memory foam” technology, which can be a nice asset and a definite plus in terms of overall long-lasting comfort. We recommend you to choose a foam mattress when it comes to baby memory foam mattresses.

Innerspring Mattresses

When you think of a standard mattress, with no other adjectives or accoutrements attached, chances are your mind, consciously or not, comes around to an innerspring mattress. Mattresses featuring springs have long been a staple, and while there are newer and more discussed alternatives on the market – such as the aforementioned memory foam – chances are innerspring mattresses will continue to remain the industry standard bearer. The factors you want to pay the most attention to – coils and gauge. 135 coils or more and a gauge of 15.5 or lower is ideal.


One option rapidly growing in popularity in the world of crib memory foam mattresses are mattresses which are organic in make. These mattresses are more expensive, but many parents feel they’re worth it due to fears concerning potential chemicals and pollutants inside innerspring or other like-constructed mattresses. These mattresses vary wildly, with the biggest portion of them being made up of cotton, wool, or a mixture of the two.

As with the other makes, whether this is the mattress you want for your baby largely comes down to what you think is best for them. We hope that this article helped you to make a decision about crib foam mattresses.