I want to move to Florida, because I need to live somewhere where it is hot, or at least, fairly warm, all year long. I am getting older and these old bones do not handle the winter very well. One issue is that I got a hip replacement recently, and now whenever it is cold, the hip aches terribly. I am going to check out Jacksonville FL apartments to see what I can find. I don’t really care too much where it is located in the city, but since I have a bad hip and all, I would like either find an apartment that is located on the first floor of an apartment building, or located in a building that has an elevator. I do not like to climb stairs, because they really take a lot out of me these days.

I have considered moving to Florida for a number of years now, but it was not until recently that I finally made the decision and decided to make it happen. Now I am going to make it happen, and stop thinking about it. It is always better to get things done, rather than to just think about getting them done. That is something that my mother taught me a long time ago. Anyway, I am pretty excited about the move, but I am not excited about the actual process of the move.

I am going to have to sell my house, and I do not know how long that is going to take, or how hard it will be to find a buyer for the asking price that I have in mind. I am going to get it appraised, just to make sure that it is worth around what I had in mind. But I think I am pretty close.